What is "FaithFunnels?"

The verse our whole mission stands on

Through the vehicle of podcasts, YouTube, and social media we are exposing how God is moving in the marketplace.

We are taking a medium that was designed to share information globally, and using it to show where God is moving, how He is moving, and how you can partner with Him too.

As you join us you’ll hear inspiring stories, learn sound business tactics, and discover biblical wealth principles.

If you believe Jesus is too big to be kept inside a box on Sunday mornings only, then you've found your people.

We love the local church, we believe in the gathering of the people, but we also believe in reaching the nations.

Reaching ALL people.

To do that, we've got to reach the ones who aren't coming with us to church on Sunday morning. The way we do this is through marketplace ministries.

God is a creator.

Jesus a carpenter.

The disciples were fisherman.

Paul a tentmaker.

Matthew a tax collector.

Most of the Bible is about how God was moving in ordinary peoples daily lives and through their current position.

It is a lie that we can't bring faith into the workplace, or Jesus into our businesses, and we're showing the world exactly how to do this.

Our mission is to care for businesses and show the world what God is doing in the marketplace.

Who Created This Site?

Hi, my name is Justin Brooke. Before I explain why I can help you, I'd like to tell you my testimony so you know for sure that I am your brother..

In 2019 I was radically saved while studying the scientific and historical evidence for God, after trying to prove He wasn't real. I realized I was wrong, God was actually real, and I was headed in the wrong direction.

I didn't have a Bible yet, and I didn't know how to pray, but I looked up at the ceiling and said "Ok God, you win. Teach me how to be a good Christian." Overnight my taste in music and TV shows changed. I all of a sudden had a desire to stop cursing. Stopped watching porn. Got baptized. Started reading the Bible. In my first year as a Christian I lost 112lbs by doing the Daniel fast for an entire year. Also through the Daniel fast my blood sugar problems and blood pressure issues were reversed. I'm a walking example of God's healing powers.

Before Jesus saved me, I was a world renowned marketer. I've spoken on stages all over the world and 30+ podcasts have interviewed me. However, today I'm using all of that knowledge to help build the kingdom instead of just personal bank accounts. I've spent 17 years creating millionaires, now I'd like to help you tell the world about Jesus. I believe God's given me a plan to reach 100 million people for Jesus. I'd love for you to join that mission with me...

Here's Where You Should Start...

During every podcast we interview owners of successful marketplace ministries. People who God has blessed either in ministry or business, and we ask them how they did it.

We drill down into how God moved in their lives and business. Both for inspiring stories, but also for tactical applicable writer-downers.

Through listening to our podcast episodes you will learn how you can start your own ministry or kingdom-based business (we don't see them as separate). Or how to grow the one you already have.

By continuing to listen you'll get more and more ideas about how others have grown, how God has moved in their ministries, and how you can follow in their footsteps.

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