How Jamal Miller Made His Millions With Membership Sites

How Jamal Miller Made His Millions With Membership Sites
Photo by Ian Schneider / Unsplash

Jamal wanted to be a pastor...

He went to Bible college and did all the same studies that a pastor would have to go through.

But God had a different plan for him.

Jamal started a Bible study group for entrepreneurs, and it grew, and grew, and just kept growing.

Then one day he uploaded a video of him getting married to Youtube, but forgot to make it unlisted.

I mean... Who thinks they are actually going to go viral??


Jamal went viral... Like VIRAL VIRAL!!!

Next thing he knows, he's got a marriage course helping singles get the godly marriage of their dreams. It's called The One University.

Fast forward about a decade, and Jamal's got tons of these courses. And he's made a lot of friends a long the way. Instead of having a website here and a website there.

He decided to package them all up into one site,

You can learn everything from theology, to evangelism, to marriage advice under one roof for one monthly payment. It's like Netflix, but feeds your soul instead.

If you'd like to hear Jamal's story and the nitty gritty of how he did it. Including the tools he used and mistakes he made along the way, watch this free interview here.